Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

By the time you’ve looked at two or three parks and four or five plots and six or seven caravans it’s easy to feel a bit bamboozled. Buying your holiday home should be a fun experience so to help you see through the mist we’ve compiled together these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope it helps.

Our advice has always been to go and find a park which you’re comfortable with, in the area you want, and then decide on the caravan. When you pay us a visit we’ll show you the holiday homes in stock and you can make a choice of the available plots. There’s no pressure to buy (we don’t have sales targets) and you can take away our brochures to read at leisure when you’re home.

On new caravans our selling price will include the manufacturers recommended retail price, any extras such as central heating or scatter cushions, delivery from the factory, siting and commissioning, the gas installation and cylinder storage box, one or two veranda steps (depending on number of external doors). From time to time we have special offers which sometimes vary from the above.

Most pre-owned holiday caravans are already sited and the price will include the above. The balance of the years pitch fees will have to be paid for when you buy your caravan.

You’ll need to budget for kitting out your caravan – typically this will include cutlery, crockery, bedding, and electrical items like your telly, kettle and toaster etc. Pre-owned caravans (ones normally already sited) often come with a TV aerial left from the previous owner, but for new new caravans you’ll need to budget for this. Don’t forget to allow for insurance cover as well. As a guide, customers tell us that their premiums range from about £120 a year up to £350 or more if you’re buying something big and posh! We’ve got Wi-Fi on the park but coverage can vary so we don’t promise this service as part of our overall package, and the rest of the season’s pitch fees will need to be paid when you buy your caravan.

On all sales, a holding deposit of £1,000 will secure the Holiday Home for up to two weeks to allow you to organise your finances. This has to be paid in person at the park.

Bottled gas (Calor LPG) for cooking and heating is available at reception. When you buy your caravan you’ll get two bottles so you’ll have one in use, and a spare on stand-by. The 19kg regular size bottles are currently £48.00 (June 2022) and average use is about two to three per year. If your caravan is equipped with central heating (all new ones are) it’ll be installed with two of the large 47kg bottles, currently £98.00 each. It’s a job to say an average use of these chappies because it depends so much on when and how much you use your caravan, and, of course, if it’s been parky outside.

The 10amp electricity supply is metered at every caravan plot and there is an allowance of about £43* included in with your pitch fees. Those who use a lot of electricity through the year will receive an extra invoice with their pitch fee invoice, but those who have been frugal often receive a credit note, (*this varies from year to year according to the previous year’s average use).

Our pitch fee year runs from March 1st to February 28th (or 29th). The bills are sent out in October or early November and there’s a discount available for early settlement but the full amount must be paid by 28th February.

This is an industry standard legal document issued when you buy your caravan and it records details of us, you, and your caravan. It specifies such things as our obligations as landlord to you, your obligations to us, and the age limit of caravans on park. It also says about how you are able to sell your caravan when the time comes. View a Licence Agreement.

As the Licence Agreement is an industry standard document it does not cater for specific instances on individual parks such as vehicle parking by-laws and rules about ball games or pet ownership etc. This is where our park rules come in to play. They are printed on the last two pages of our Licence Agreements, see the link above.

To be able to run a caravan park, first we must have planning premission for the land use, and secondly we must have a Site Licence, both of these are issued by Canterbury City Council. Our Site Licence is an eighteen page document which dictates conditions such as maximum number of caravans per hectare, car parking and street lighting provision, and sanitation to the caravans. The Council have the power to walk in off the street and close us down if they see fit.
The other side of our regulation is controlled by you, our customers! If we’re running a grotty park and give lousy service, sooner or later we’re going to go belly-up because people won’t spend their hard earned with us.

We issue a fifteen year pitch licence agreement to purchasers of new holiday homes, and pre-owned homes receive the balance of fifteen years so a five year old home for example would come with a ten year agreement – this exceeds national minimum standards.

The park opens the first full weekend in March (weather permitting) and remains open until the last weekend in October. We’re then open for weekends in November and December, plus about ten days or so over the Festive Period before closing on January 2nd. Please remember though that you can’t use your caravan to live in – we’re a holiday park, not a residential one. You can of course visit by day during the closed period but you’ll need to check-in at reception on your arrival.

You are free to let your friends and relatives use your pride and joy but you must remember that they should be made aware of the park rules. Under the terms of the Licence Agreement issued to every caravan owner, you the owner are responsible for the conduct of all your friends and relatives while they are on the park.

We’re often able to make you a cash offer and alternatively you have the option to find your own purchaser, in which case we’ll handle the sale, and there’s the industry standard commission of 15% of the caravan’s market value (plus VAT) due to us. For higher value caravans we offer a brokerage facility. There’s an up-front marketing fee of £449(inc VAT), and when sold we forward the sale proceeds to you less the sale commission of 15% plus VAT. See our selling info page.