Access Statement for Homing Park

Written August 2013, amended June 2018 & August 2021

Homing is a holiday park with 192 owner occupied caravan holiday homes and a touring and camping facility with 43 plots. We like to welcome guests from all walks of life.

This statement is available in large print from reception.

Local busses are operated by Stagecoach in East Kent (contact details 0871 200 2233 or kent& The nearest train station is Whitstable from where you can get a no 5 bus from Railway Avenue to the park. Buses are hourly from Mon – Sat and turn round at the lower end of Church Lane before heading back to Whitstable and then Canterbury.

You can also get a taxi from the train station. Local cab companies are Abacus on 01227 277728, and Whitstable Taxis on 01227 261161.

The distance by road to Whitstable town center and the train station is about 2½ miles (4km) and the beach at Seasalter is about ¾ mile (1¼ km).

We do not operate a collection service for guests or visitors from the local area.

Our easy access facilities in the touring field loo & shower block can be accessed with your RADAR key, (summer months only).

The nearest shop-mobility scheme and equipment hire services is Herne Bay Shopmobility, tel 01227 372487 or email

To our knowledge all mobile phone networks have good coverage on park. There is a wi-fi network on park, with free access, but coverage can be variable and speeds unsuitable for data-hungry applications.

There is a large arrivals and drop off parking bay opposite the reception although this can become congested at busy weekends. This bay is 45m from the park entrance and is 20m from reception. From here (if you require) we will direct or escort you to a parking space which you say is suitable. From the arrivals bay the ground surface is smooth and level tarmac and block paving across to reception, and no steps.

In the touring and camping field you can park adjacent to your caravan/tent/motorhome.

All our parking is free for the duration of your visit.

Most of the park roads are good quality with tarmac covering and there are no raised kerbs between the parking bays and the caravan holiday homes. Most of the roads in the touring and camping field are of a crushed and rolled stone finish but there are no raised kerbs. The roads are lit at night.

We have an automated traffic control barrier with number plate recognition. If you book a stay or buy a caravan your car details will be uploaded to allow you free entry.

The touring field at its closest is 85m from reception. There are four touring and camping pitches within 15m of the shower and loo block. These can be reserved – please ask for plots 40, 41, 42 or 43.

There is a dog water drinking bowl by reception.

There are no steps or ramps on the approach or inside the reception which is all on one floor. The two un-assisted side hung entrance doors have widths of 812mm and 838mm. The entrance to the reception is without steps or ramps or handrails.

We do not have a loop system installed. There is not normally piped music being played.

There is a pad and pen available on arrival.

The reception is usually staffed between 9:00 and 18:00 hrs from March to October, (winter hours are 10:00 to 16:00). If it is unmanned, visitors can summons assistance by pressing the intercom button by the external entrance door.

Low seating available in reception and there is ample room for wheelchair users.

We are pleased to offer a familiarisation tour (by request).

The main counter is 1,060 mm high and there is a lower counter area of 750mm high.

The floor is level throughout entrance and reception.

We always have a dog water bowl outside reception.

We do not have glass screens in reception.

The nearest disabled loo to reception is in the clubhouse and there is another one in the touring field. These are not usually available during the winter months, but there is a standard toilet in reception available during office hours.

There are two steps into the laundry.

The facility is brightly lit but none of the signage is tactile or embossed.

The washing machines are top loading, as is the spin drier, and the driers are front loading. The height of the machines is 920mm.

Assistance is available on request, but no service is wash available.

Leaflets and brochures about the local area, local attractions, and caravans for sale are available from dispensers in reception which vary in height from 890mm to 1,500mm.

The clubhouse and swimming pool is run as a separate business from the caravan park. They do not have an Access Statement but entry to the building is level and there is a disabled loo available in there. You can contact the clubhouse on 01227 771871.

All the caravans are owner-occupied and are numbered in varying styles, usually on the electric box at the back of the caravan.

Holiday caravans are available for sale (new and pre-owned). They are accessed via steps and no ramps are available.

Special access caravan holiday homes are available from some manufacturers. Ramps can be fitted for these caravans (subject to local ground conditions on park). Please ask for details.

Sited holiday caravans are on concrete bases sited among the lawns. They are accessed from the tarmac park roadway across the grass. There are no steps or handrails until you reach the caravan access steps.

The park is able to facilitate the installation of access ramps to privately owned holiday caravans

Street lighting among the holiday caravans runs throughout the night, is lit from high level street lamps with lamp posts at approximately 45 meter spacings. The illumination is less than would be normally expected in an average residential street.

The touring field is all grass with the exception of the roadway which is part tarmac but mainly gravel. Cars can be parked on your plot next to your touring caravan or tent

Each plot has a service bollard with an electric outlet via a blue round-pin plug and socket, a water outlet, a TV (terrestrial) socket, discreet lighting, and grey-water drainage. The plots are numbered on the bollards in 50mm high black lettering on a white background which is back-lit at night.

There are four touring and camping pitches within 15m of the shower and loo block. These can be reserved – please ask for plots 40, 41, 42 or 43.

The shower and loo building has a dedicated ‘Disabled Room’ which you will need your RADAR key to access. There is good level access and the facilities in here include a loo, shower, hair drier, wash basin, a chair, a shelf and hooks. There are grab handles in the shower, by the loo, and the basin. In the shower there is a wall mounted fold-down seat, or you can use the plastic chair provided. This room is approximately 2,440mm by 2,060mm and the entrance door is 810mm wide. There is an emergency pull cord for alerting distress.

The hot water outlets in the ‘Disabled Room’ are thermostatically controlled not to exceed 43°.

Within the shower and loo building there is a washing facility for cutlery and crockery. The sinks are 900mm high. To the rear of the building there is also a dump point for chemical loos which is 650mm high but is accessed up one step. Please ask a staff member for help.

The above facilities are free, fully enclosed, and are illuminated and accessible internally and externally twenty four hours a day.

There is a freezer for ice packs (but no food items please) available in reception.

Our camping pods are accessed across a small private decked area (for each pod) which is two steps up from the surrounding lawned area.

Your domestic refuse produced while on park should be deposited in the 1100 litre wheely bins in the compound by the park entrance. The lip on these bins is approximately 1,300mm high. Our staff will be happy to remove your refuse for you.

We have glass and cardboard recycling bins adjacent to the refuse bins which also have high access. Please ask a member of staff to remove your glass and cardboard for recycling.

Well behaved dogs are welcome on park.

We do not have a First Aid Room or Treatment Room.

We do not have any Conference & Meeting Rooms or Banqueting Rooms.

Parts of the park is covered by 24hour Closed Circuit Television recording, as are most parts of the park buildings, inside and out.

The park managers all live on site.

The Managers are Annouschka & Grant Day

The Assistant Manager is Dan Jackson

The park’s telephone number is 01227 771777

The park’s email address is

The park’s website address is

Park staff should be recognizable by their green or white shirts bearing the Homing Park logo.