Park Rules for Holiday Caravan Owners

These rules have been written as an aid to reasonable behaviour by holiday caravan owners and their families and guests to enable them to enjoy peaceful co-existence with others whilst on park. They also serve as a reminder of the obligations to our unwary and not so considerate guests. 

1) Only Holiday Homes of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definition contained in the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1968 and conform to BSI specification or EN1647 or EN 3632 may be stationed on park.

2) Holiday Homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition to the park owner’s satisfaction. Wheels must not be removed, nor the Holiday Home re-positioned without permission. No external alterations of or addition to the Holiday Home or pitch is permitted without the prior written permission of the Park Owner.

3) The Caravan Owner agrees to indemnify the Proprietor in respect of any damage caused to the Proprietor’s property or to the property of third parties and against personal injury caused by you or members of your party. The Caravan’s owner shall hold insurance cover to a level of at least Two Million Pounds (£2M) in respect of third party risks arising out of the use of stationing of the Owner’s vehicle and unit, and will produce evidence that the insurance is valid upon request by the Proprietor.

4) The park owner reserves the right to close the park at any time without notice for maintenance and/or repair, inclement weather, disasters, out break of infectious diseases, or if ordered to close by the local Authority.

5) The caravan owner is responsible for the cleanliness of the Pitch. They must also keep the area underneath the Holiday Home clean at all times; no storage of goods are allowed under the caravan except when stored in a proprietary metal storage box. In the interest of visual amenity and to prevent loose items left underneath and alongside caravans from blowing around, park staff retain the right to remove and dispose of any such goods or items as they see fit.

6) The Holiday Home may be used by its owner and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests only (and in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths).

7) The caravan owner is responsible for ensuring that his/her electrical and gas installations and appliances are safe and comply with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate Authority.

8) The caravan owner is responsible to ensure that refuse from his/her caravan is deposited in the approved waste containers provided, and not left in or near litter bins on the park. He/she is also responsible to ensure that recyclable materials are recovered from his/her general waste, and deposited in the receptacles provided.

9) Vehicles must be safely driven on the park, not exceeding the speed limit of 10 m.p.h. Vehicles must keep to authorised parking spaces and to the roads, which must not be obstructed. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence and insurance. No vehicle is permitted to be left on park while the caravan to which it relates is not occupied. Transit type vans, other high sided vehicles and smaller vans with sign-writing are not permitted on park. For the purposes of unloading or loading, permission must be sought from the park office prior to any arrangements being made and an amber daily parking permit applied for. Owners of vehicles other than what would normally be considered domestic type cars should contact the park office for an assessment and approval of their vehicle. Judgement is made by the park management as to what, on park, constitutes a commercial vehicle and this decision is final, regardless of definitions laid down by the various Road Traffic Acts, Licensing Authorities or what one’s own perception might be of such a vehicle. Vehicles left on park which are considered un-permitted commercial vehicles are liable to be clamped. Jetski’s, boats, and trailers may only be brought on park by prior arrangement with the manager. The use of hoverboards (self balancing scooters) segways, electric scooters, go-peds etc is prohibited on park. Electric scooters as essential transport for park users with limited mobility are permitted.

10) Holiday home owners will be held liable by the park owner if they or their family or guests cause any damage to above or below-ground service pipes or cables by digging, inserting posts or spikes, or other activity.

11) The fire points located around the park are for use in emergencies only and must not be interfered with at any other time.

12) Musical instruments C.D Players, record players, radios, other similar appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause a nuisance to others.

13) Gardens are permitted along the front of caravan bases and they must be well maintained and restricted to 300mm in width. Any garden which in the opinion of park staff is unkempt is liable to be cut down. Plants and shrubs are left at the caravan owner’s risk and may be removed by staff if deemed a fire hazard or they interfere with siting or de-siting caravans. No fencing, barrier or demarcation device, or any type of paving is permitted to be installed by the caravan owner, and any type of ornament or statue not fully on the concrete base is liable to be removed by park staff.

14) Washing lines are not allowed at any time. Wind-brakes and other outdoor furniture must be stowed away when not in use and must not be left out overnight.

15) Pets, where permitted at the park owner’s discretion must be kept on leads and under proper control at all times on the park and not allowed to despoil the Park. Owners must clean away immediately any excreta. Pets must not be left in unoccupied caravans or cars. Any dog (with or without a muzzle) which in the opinion of the park management is or could be construed as a dangerous dog is liable to be ejected from the park without prior warning.

16) There should be no more than two gas cylinders at any gas inlet point on the caravan and they should be positioned on the concrete base and in a proprietary gas cylinder storage enclosure. There should be no more than one metre of flexible hose connecting cylinders to the caravan. The gas and water supply must be turned off by the caravan owner or his/her representative when the caravan is not in use.

17) Electricity is supplied from the box outside to the rear of your holiday home. You can disconnect the supply by removing the blue plug, but the box must not be interfered with in any other way. If you experience an interruption in supply you must inform park staff who will deal with the problem for you.

18) All storage boxes must be of proprietary nature and be of metal construction and not higher than 1.17 metres and no longer than 2.0 metres and fit completely on the concrete base. Storage boxes should be such that Park staff can temporarily move them if needed when moving caravans. Park staff are not liable for any damage to boxes, their contents, or caravans whilst being moved. Boxes must not be fastened or secured to the concrete base in any way and Park staff retain the right to remove fixed boxes by force.

19) Only metal steps not longer than 2.0 metres are permitted, and they must fit completely on the concrete base. Verandas must be no longer than 2.4 metres in length and must fit on the base. Caravans having only one double door (French type) entry may have veranda steps no longer than 2.4 metres in length. Steps and verandas should be such that Park staff can temporarily reposition them if needed whilst moving caravans. They must not be fastened or secured to the concrete base in any way. Park staff retain the right to unfasten chained steps and verandas by force. Permission for special access ramps should be sought in writing from head office.

20) The caravan owner is responsible for the conduct of children in his/her custody and of his/her visitors and their children. The caravan owner should ensure his/her family and/or guests are familiar with these park rules. Verbal or physical abuse directed at park staff, other persons whilst on park, or against property of the company or other persons will not be tolerated.

21) In the interest of health and safety the riding of cycles, scooters, skateboards, roller-blades, skates or similar wheeled appliances is forbidden. Ball Games are restricted to the five-a-side area and tennis court and are not allowed in-between or around caravans, on roads or paved areas.

22) Weapons or other objects likely to give offence are not allowed on Park. The flying of drones or any remotely controlled airbourne device is prohibited on park.

23) Everyone using the park is required to comply with the conditions of the Site Licence issued by Canterbury City Council, or water authority or other statutory authority.

24) Open fires are forbidden and bar-b-queues must be kept well clear of the ground and away from gas cylinders and flammable materials. They must not be left unattended.

25) No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the Park without prior written permission of the Park Owner.

26) The park owner and/or his/her staff reserve the right to move any item left alongside any caravan if it causes obstruction during the planned movement of any holiday home. This includes steps, pots, planters and storage boxes.

27) The park owner and/or his/her staff retain the right to interrupt the supply of water or electricity to any pitch(es) for the purposes of maintenance.

28) You should write to the Company Secretary and obtain an answer in writing if you wish to suggest an alteration of these rules; any infringement of rules could cause the park owner to serve notice of revocation of your pitch licence. Any exception to any of these rules must be obtained from the Company Secretary in writing.

NOTE  – we know that this list is quite long but you’ll appreciate that with so many visitors all with differing expectations that boundaries must be made to ensure the best possible ambience and safety on park. Thanks for taking the time to read this.