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Stay Safe on your hols . . .

BBQ's in Tents and Awnings
Our trade association have bought to our attention the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning from barbecues being used in awnings and tents. Last year saw deaths and many more near-misses and everything possible should be done to guard against this.

Carbon Monoxide is poisonous and known as the ‘invisible killer’ since it is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It is produced when carbon (including gas, wood, oil or barbecue coals) is burned with insufficient oxygen. Carbon Monoxide poisoning happens when the gas is breathed in, even at very low levels. The symptoms are like having flu, but can lead to lasting damage to health, and death. Victims will not be aware of their poisoning and the young and old are at particular risk.

It is important that you are aware of Carbon Monoxide risk. Barbecues and stoves etc. which are designed for use outdoors should never be used within an enclosed space such as a tent or caravan awning.

New MOT Rules for 2012 
If you've been ignoring a warning light because it's not checked in the MOT, you could be facing an MOT failure and an expensive repair bill because of changes made in 2012 to the test. The Department for Transport added a number of new mandatory test items to the annual MOT from 1 January 2012 to comply with a revised European testing directive.

Caravan and trailer electrical socket test
The change which may have the biggest effect on campers and caravanners is the new tests for towbar electrical sockets. There will be a basic security/damage check of 7-pin sockets, but 13-pin sockets will be subject to a full electrical connectivity check and incorrectly connected or inoperative circuits will result in failure. Please be aware of these new tests if you have towbar electrics fitted.
Source - newsletter 17.03.12

Towing and the Law

Did you know that Driving Licence entitlements changed in 1997? If you passed your test prior to 1997, you can tow any car and trailer combination up to a weight of 8,250kg.

If you passed in 1997 or later, the maximum weight of car and trailer is 3,500kg if the trailer weighs 750kg or more. If the trailer weighs less than 750kg, the combined weight goes up to 4,250kg. This excludes all modern UK caravans.

Source - Practical Caravan Magazine, March 2012.

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