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Environmental Statement

The historic fishing village of Whitstable is the jewel in the crown of the North Kent Coast with its thriving harbour, historic houses and quaint curiosity shops.
This is an area rich in wildlife and geological interest and we at Homing Park are dedicated to preserve and protect it for future generations.

Reduce - Re-Use - Recycle
The bins in our Waste Disposal Area are clearly marked to encourage our guests to reduce the amount of waste product.
Our cleaning materials are purchased in bulk from a local supplier so our staff can refill bottles rather than buy new ones.
We have an exchange book service based in our laundry so that guests can swap their books for free rather than throwing them away.
Any hedging or tree branches that have been pruned are chipped and used for mulching around the park.

Energy Conservation
All our toilet and shower block lighting are operated by movement detectors and powered by solar powered photo cells.
The hand basins in our shower blocks and washing up area have push button taps to save water.

Transport and Tourism
All our staff live locally and our Managers and Assistant Manager live on the park.
We provide information for bus and train services and local walks and cycle routes.
We have a tourist information area which promotes local attractions as well as Restaurants, Farm Shops and Nature Reserves to encourage our guests to support local businesses.

Preserving and Enhancing the Natural Habitat
In order to preserve our 5 star grading from Visit England, we have many areas of the park where the grass needs to be kept short however, we allow the grass and perimeter hedging to grow providing a natural habitat for birds and insects.
Throughout the year we have an abundant display of colourful flowers which attracts bees, butterflies and other insects.
Last year we installed bird boxes around the park and this year we are creating bee/insect hotels.

How You Can Help
By not wasting energy, leaving lights, heating or taps running unnecessarily.
Reporting any leaking taps or showers to Staff.
Using our recycling bins correctly.
Shopping and using local attractions.

Please do not leave rubbish in bags overnight as the foxes or seagulls will rip them open.
March 2014

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